Jocelyn Liew

Associate Trainer

I’m a Customer Service Certified Trainer

Jocelyn’s main strengths are her experiences in customer service where it is par excellence. Coupled with her decade-long passion for customer service levels, this led her to her current career in making sure that customer service levels remain consistently high for the next generations to come.
Throughout Jocelyn’s 20+ years in MAS (in its glory days) & Malindo which forms the base of her experiences & exposure to customer service levels. Her life-long pursuit of perfecting the art of ever ‘fluid’ customer service levels, she continued her career trajectory through her subsequent involvement in the Hospitality, service & Communication business as a trainer which, brought another dimension to “service excellence” through a deeper understanding of the nuts & bolts in operational excellence and the proper Standard Operating Procedures' involved. As a believer that the difference in value lies within the service levels, Jocelyn’s short stint as a Controller Coordinator where her crucial involvement in setting up and coordinating both training systems & training programs for full-fledged airlines in the SEA region brings to the fore her expertise through in-depth coordination of operational needs. 
Jocelyn’s dedication is well respected as she raised 2 boys in her family while flying across the region in pursuit of her passion. True to her calling, she can be found exploring the cities in the Southeast Asia region, searching for good food and good service on her off days. Bet you can always ask her for a good recommendation for the cities that you plan to visit in the region.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the HEART” - Helen Keller