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The Unforgettable Airline with a Heart of Gold

  • Friday, 04 July 2014 17:48

Kerry Drake hurriedly booked a United Airline flight back to Kansas City to say his final goodbyes to his ailing mother. He knew that if he didn’t make this flight, the chances were slim that he would have that special moment.

The first flight was delayed. Drake could no longer hold back his tears on the plane. The flight attendants noticed and relayed the dire situation to the captain, who promptly radioed the captain of the connecting flight. The connecting flight’s crew delayed their departure to ensure that Drake could board - truly inspiring.

Technology provides the ease and efficiency necessary for your company to create a competitive customer service experience. However, nothing can replace the care provided by a human touch in excellent customer service.

These customer service examples are not the everyday, standard practices required of front liners to retain customers for life. They are, however, inspiring initiatives that will leave an indelible experience in the heart of the customer. And that is the power of good customer service.

Learn how to be there for the modern day “everywhere customer”. Yes, self-service technology is a helpful convenience; it needs tobe supplemented with that personal initiative to care and assist to make it truly memorable to the customers who need help.

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