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The best service is the kind of service that comes from the HEART

  • Friday, 04 July 2014 17:58

I was at this local food stall near my house 5 years ago. People generally do not expect much service from eateries like this, but I was truly amazed with the exceptional service from one particular staff, a Myanmarese called Tukk.

I was approaching a vacant table with my 70 year old mother who had difficulties in walking. I was struggling to keep mum steady as she was not used to sitting on a stool. I saw TUKK running from one shop to another instead of taking our meal order; I was getting angry and annoyed, but was shocked and pleasantly surprised when I saw him coming over with a proper chair for my mum. I had been quick to judge but my feelings changed with the kindness and thoughtfulness of this one person.

I became a loyal customer of this food stall and would always look for TUKK. He found an opportunity to serve and in return mum and I became his number 1 fan.

Why did he go the extra mile? Simply because he cared about the people he served and was passionate about what he was doing. It was not the food, the price or the location that has made me a satisfied customer that day. It was TUKK.

We live in a fast paced world and everybody expects service as quick as a touch of a button. That’s great; I am a fan of express counters and short queues at the supermarket as well, but deep down, I want to go to a place where everybody knows my name…

To me, great customer service involves impacting the heart. What is the secret ingredient in delivering a Unique and Memorable Experience? It’s Courtesy, Compassion, Care, Sincerity and a dash of Common Sense.



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